The Jan Emanuel Collection

Welcome to Jan Emanuel’s exclusive NFT collection!

The Jan Collection

Explore The Jan Emanuel Collection, your pathway to engaging with an exciting political campaign through unique NFT collectibles.

Each of the 20,000 collectibles is not only about digital art but also serves as a means to voice your opinions and influence campaign strategies.

Join this innovative movement, where your participation directly supports Jan’s campaign and enters you into exclusive draws, providing opportunities to win unique experiences and connect with Jan. 



The First Jan Emanuel’s Exclusive NFT Collection

Your voice matters. These NFTs ensure you are heard and can make a direct impact.

Win unique experiences and rewards that bring you closer to Jan and the campaign.

Support Jan Emanuel’s journey in the European elections and be part of a movement for positive change.


Support Packs Come With Chances To Win

A chance to win a range of prizes:

Zoom Calls With Jan 

Business Coaching With Jan

Driving With Jan

Autographed Memorabilia

Winners will be invited on an exclusive boat day with Jan.


Purchase Your NFT: Begin by acquiring an exclusive NFT from our unique collection of 20,000 NFT collectibles. Each NFT not only signifies your support for Jan Emanuel’s campaign but also qualifies you for the next phase of engagement.

Phase 2 Token Drop: Post-election, if Jan is successfully elected, you will receive an airdrop of opinion tokens initiating the second phase of your active participation.

Unlocking Your Voice: These opinion tokens enable you to vote in polls around Jan’s policy decisions, giving you a direct line to express your views. This platform ensures Jan can gauge the pulse of his supporter base. Your engagement goes beyond mere support; it translates into real influence. 

Support Jan's campaign

Explore The Different Ways That You Can Get Involved And Support Jan’s Campaign

1 x NFT 

1 x General Raffle Entry

Opinion Token Allocation

4 x NFT 

4 x General Raffle Entry

Opinion Token Allocations

20 x NFT 

24 x General Raffle Entry

1 x Gala Raffle Entry

Opinion Token Allocations

62 x NFT 

64 x General Raffle Entry

3 x Gala Raffle Entry

Opinion Token Allocation

200 x NFT 

200 x General Raffle Entry

10 x Gala Raffle Entry

Boat Day *First 20 Packs 

Opinion Token Allocations

NFTs Will Be Dropped Into YOuR Wallet On Launch

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